Bethel Church

Service Times
Sunday at 10am

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 9-5

Our Mission
We exist
     to know Jesus by worshiping through His Word and prayer
     to show Jesus by intentionally revealing Him to others

The Church
Bethel is a Christian Pentecostal church located at 143 Coach Rd Quesnel BC. We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, and welcome all who wish to know Jesus. To know more about us, stop by or call, or even come on a Sunday for worship and a cup of coffee.

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Past Events

Pursuit Youth Pursuit is a crazy group of youth who are all about having good times and Jesus mixed together. We do everything from study the Word to apocalypse survival nights. We usually meet on Fridays, but feel free to check out our Facebook page for upcoming and current shenanigans!

A group this insane can only be lead by someone who is equally so. That said, Nate Siebert and his wife Taylor have taken up the challenge. Between the two of them, they do everything from knitting to fire eating to airsoft, and somehow still manage to incorporate God and the gospel into all these things.

Their passion for seeing youth grow into the leader God desires them to be is only outmatched by their passion for seeing Truth come alive in people's lives. And that only happens through knowing and showing Jesus.


With more than a dozen care groups, if you want close God centered community, there is bound to be one (or more) that moves and grooves to the same beat as you. Ranging from verse by verse study, to topical, to free range, these groups are facilitated by amazing hosts passionate for Jesus and for people. Call our office for more information at 250.747.3116

You can also contact the Care group Leader/Host directly if you wish:

Care Group Contacts:

Ken Kriese - 250-747-2869

Location: Bethel Church  Time - Wednesdays 7pm


Pete Collet - 250-992-5565

Location: 356 Ritson Ave  Time: Wednesday 7pm 


Jim Ranger -

Location: South Hills (contact for exact location)  Time: Wednesday - 7pm


Janette Parkinson - Family Gathering (Check Events page for more details)

Location: Call for details  Time: Last Sunday afternoon of every month


Angela Zieske - Women of Destiny - 250-983-8491

Location: Bethel Church  Time: Third Thrusday of every month


Pastor Nate Siebert - Youth - 250-747-3116

Location: Bethel Church    Time: Fridays 5:30pm & 7pm


Sam Our kids ministry is lead by our fearless Samantha Klassen. Together with her leaders, they take on the challenge best shown in the kindergartners on the late 90's show Recess. There are two elements to our kids ministry. First, we have Kids Church on Sunday mornings where the kids are dismissed during the service. Second, on Pro-D days, we have affordable day camps for kids. For more information on either program, call Bethel and ask for Pastor Nate.


Main Office
Ph: 250.747.3116

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
Our service time is Sunday at 10am.

Our pastors are more than happy to go for coffee with anyone.
We want to make time for you. Call us or catch us on Sunday to get together with us.
Pastor Monte Harrop
Pastor Monte Harrop

As a lover of nature and of people, Pastor Monte finds his most intimate times with God in the outdoors. This can take place while hiking, fishing or even a crazy game of airsoft. His love of nature is only bested by his love for Jesus, the Word, and sound doctrine. As a leader his passion is to see people not just coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior but also seeing them produce other disciples as they live out the call of God on their lives.

Pastor Nate Siebert and his wife
Pastor Nate Siebert

With his wife, Taylor, Pastor Nate heads up Bethel's Next Gen ministries. Sharing similar passions to Monte, Nate's ideas of fun consist of juggling, airsoft, movies, tech, and anything outdoors. More than anything, though, his passion is to see people rise into the leader that God has called them to be (no matter their age).
The easiest way to get his attention is to say "meet me at a coffee shop!" He'll be there.

Trudy Knight

As we all know, secretaries are the backbone of any church, and Trudy is ours! If information is what you need, she's the one you need to know. She, as with any secretary, has a secret identity - a superhero identity.
We exist to know Jesus and to show Jesus.