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        Be Internet Awesome 
We are excited to offer Google's Be Internet Awesome Curriculum for free!

What is it?

Be Internet Awesome is a 6 section course teaching you how to be safe, secure, and respectable with your online activity. Whether that is the way you treat people, what you post, or where you are surfing and clicking, this covers all your bases on how to protect yourself and no longer worry.

When is it?

We are hosting this at Bethel Church on Oct 22, Oct 29, and Nov 5 at 7pm. You need to sign up ahead of time to insure we have space.

How do I register?

You can register two ways:
1. Fill out the form below.
2. Phone us at 250.747.3116 with the number of people you are registering, and their names.

What should I bring?

Bring a laptop if possible. Otherwise, a smartphone will do just fine. We will have outlets available for those who need them.

Thank you to all who attended. Download the notes here



How many are you signing up?:

Names of others attending (if applicable):