Bethel Church

We exist to know Jesus and to show Jesus.

Pastor Monte Harrop
Pastor Monte Harrop

As a lover of nature and of people, Pastor Monte finds his most intimate times with God in the outdoors. This can take place while hiking, fishing or even a crazy game of airsoft. His love of nature is only bested by his love for Jesus, the Word, and sound doctrine. As a leader his passion is to see people not just coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior but also seeing them produce other disciples as they live out the call of God on their lives.

Pastor Nate Siebert and his wife
Pastor Nate Siebert

With his wife, Taylor, Pastor Nate heads up Bethel's Next Gen ministries. Sharing similar passions to Monte, if you want to excite Pastor Nate, bring up juggling, airsoft, movies, tech, and anything outdoors. More than anything, though, his passion is to see people rise into the leader that God has called them to be (no matter their age).
The easiest way to get his attention is to say "meet me at a coffee shop!"... He'll be there.

Mellissa Schotel

As we all know, secretaries are the backbone of any church, and Mellissa is ours! If information is what you need, she's the one you need to know. She, as with any secretary, has a secret identity - a superhero identity.